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Welcome to the Jellystone Park™ Guest Dashboard!

Here, you’ll have access to all the information you need to have the best vacation ever. We hope your stay at our Camp-Resort exceeds expectations. If you have any concerns during your stay, please visit us at the Registration Station or stop one of our staff members – we would love the opportunity to address them promptly to ensure your experience is nothing short of amazing.


Campsite check-in/check-out times are 3pm/1pm
Cabin check-in/check-out times are 4pm/11am

Please note, at this time, we are not allowing early access (before check-in time) into your cabin or campsite. If you arrive early to use park amenities please note there is a $25 fee per person and you must park in the overflow lot. Additionally we do not have a place to park your RV so please plan accordingly.

Hours of Operations

Want to see what time the pool opens? How about when you can do a little shopping at the Ranger Station? View all of our hours for activities, amenities, and facilities here!

Current Hours of Operations:
Please note some of our hours may vary on holidays. Check these out at our Hours of Operation page.

Registration Station
SUN - THUR: 9AM - 5PM, FRI & SAT: 9AM - 6PM

Guard Shack

Ranger Station
SUN & MON: 9AM - 6PM, WED & THUR: 9AM - 6PM, FRI & SAT: 9AM - 9PM

Indoor Pool

Gem Mining
SUN & MON: 9AM - 6PM, WED & THUR: 9AM - 6PM, FRI & SAT: 9AM - 9PM

Mini Golf

Laser Tag
Changes weekly – view Activity Schedule for more information.
Advanced sign up required.

Fitness Center

Activities Center
SUN - FRI: 9AM - 9PM, SAT: 9AM - 10:30PM

Jumping Pillow


Comfort Stations

Disc Golf

Arcade Alley

Sports Courts


Outdoor Pools
Closed for the season

Water Zone
Closed for the season

Water Slides
Closed for the season

Pub & Pizzeria
FRI & SAT: 4PM - 10:30PM

Cartoon Café
Closed for the season

Quiet Hours

All hours & activities are subject to change.

Daily Activities

Check out all the exciting events we have planned during your stay on our Events page or download the Jellystone Park™ app!

On-Site Dining

There are many on-site dining options to choose from at Jellystone Park™ Guadalupe River. From brick over pizza and drinks at the River Rock Pub & Pizzeria, to burgers and chicken tenders from the Cartoon Café. View all our menus

Camp-Resort Map

Check out and print our Camp-Resort map.

TV Guide

Time to get cozy with your favorite shows! View our TV Guide.

Add-On Intructions

Need a little help with your amenity? Here are some instructions! If you need additional assistance, feel free to stop by the Registration Station!

Golf Carts
1. Make sure the brake is locked before inserting the key.
2. Put the key in the ignition and turn the key to the right until it is in the ON position. Note: You will not hear the golf cart engine come on, most golf carts are quiet. If you turn the key all the way to the right, the head lights will illuminate. However, just one click to the right is necessary for day use.
3. Put the golf cart in the forward “F” position. The reverse “R” position is to go backwards and this will make a loud beeping noise.
4. Press down on the brake to unlock the brake before pressing the gas, then slowly press down on the gas. It is important that you do not slam on the gas, because golf carts start out at their full acceleration and they will jerk you.
5. Drive with caution and remember that our max speed is 5MPH. Watch out for turns, because golf carts are easy to lose control or flip over.
6. To stop the golf cart you will want to gradually press down on the brake until you hear it lock in place. It is critical that the brake is locked in place otherwise the golf cart will not remain parked.
7. Take the key out when you are not operating the golf cart.

1. Press the ON/OFF button to power the back unit on/off first. Then, make sure both units are on/off.
2. Use the MODE button to select cooling or heating. Both units have to be concurrently on cooling or heating.
3. Select the FAN button to adjust fan speed (auto, low, medium, or high).
4. Use the arrow buttons to adjust temperature (do not turn below 72 degrees).

Hill Country Cottages & Boo Boo™ Bungalows:
1. Use remote (there is a delay) to turn ALL registers on/off.
2. Use the MODE button on the BACK UNIT to select the snowflake (cooling) or the sun (heating). There will be a delay & all units must be set on the same function (either all cooling or all heating). If set differently, the registers will shut down and you will receive an ERROR code. Should this happen, turn all registers off for 5 minutes. Turn on the back bedroom unit to the required setting first, then turn on the rest of the registers.
3. Select TURBO to cool or heat the cabin more quickly.
4. Please do not touch the timer buttons and/or light button.
5. There is a laminated copy of the instruction on the counter with the remote.

Cozy Cabins:
1. You will find the heater switch on the wall next to the left or right side of the bed.

On-Demand Hot Water Heater
Hill Country Cottages:
1. ON switch can be found by the kitchen sink. Check bedroom closet to ensure the display reads 120 on the unit.
2. Turn on hot water to a strong, constant flow. There will be a delay before the hot water comes out of the faucet.
3. If you turn on the sink while using the shower, there will be a temporary loss of hot water.

Gas Oven
1. Press BAKE button and select desired temperature.
2. It will take 5-7 minutes for the oven to light and begin heating.
3. Oven will BEEP once it has reached desired temperature.
4. To BROIL, use the same procedure.

Important Information Regarding Your Stay
  • Quiet hours are daily 11PM – 8AM.
  • Check-out is by 11AM for cabins and 1PM for campsites.
  • While at the park, make sure that a car tag is visibly displayed in all vehicles on rear view window or taped to the windshield.
  • Wristbands must be worn during your stay.
  • Max 8 people per site.
  • We do offer visitor passes if you are visiting friends or family who are staying with us. Additional person fees apply:
    Winter: Overnight - $15 | 4 - 7 Nights - $45
    Non Peak: Overnight - $20 | 4 - 7 Nights - $60
    Peak & Holiday: Overnight - $30 | 4 - 7 Nights - $90
  • Bear Visits are available certain dates of the year.
  • For your convenience, curbside trash pick-up is available daily at 9:30AM & 4:30PM. Please do not leave bagged garbage out overnight.
  • Firewood and ice are available for purchase at the Ranger Station.
  • At the end of your stay our housekeeping staff will clean your cabin and prepare it for our next guest. Before you depart, please wash any dirty dishes, put any items moved back in their original location, and bag your trash and set it outside. Guests will be charged a minimum of $150 if the cabin is excessively dirty and requires extra cleaning.
  • Please help us conserve energy by turning off both outside and inside lights when they are not needed. When using AC/heating in the cabins, please close doors and windows.
  • A fire ring has been provided so you can enjoy a campfire. Help us keep the park clean and protect the environment by not moving your fire ring. You will be charged $25 if the fire ring is moved. Additionally, campfires must be monitored at all times.
  • The furniture inside the cabins has been designed for indoor use. We ask that you do not take the furniture outdoors.
  • In order to provide a healthy environment for all of our guests, we prohibit smoking in all cabins. Guests will be charged an additional $250 cleaning fee if it is discovered that someone has been smoking in a cabin.
  • Each cabin has been equipped with items to make your stay more enjoyable. We ask that you care for these items and leave them in the cabin when you depart. Guests will be charged for items that are damaged or are removed.
  • We welcome furry friends in the cabins that have been designated “pet friendly.” For the health of other guests, we prohibit pets in all other cabins. Guests may be charged an additional $250 cleaning fee if it is discovered a pet has been in a non-pet friendly cabin.

View our Rules & Policies page. 

Contact and Local Health Care Providers

Have a question or concern during your stay? Stop by the Registration Station. In the case of life threatening emergencies, dial 911. Please notify the Camp-Resort staff if you call 911 so we can assist in getting emergency personnel to the correct location in the park.

Registration Station: (830) 460-3262
Park After Hours Emergency Line: (830) 955-0221

Local Health Care Providers:
Peterson Regional Medical Center
551 Hill Country Drive, Kerrville (4.6 miles)
(830) 896-4200

Walgreens Pharmacy
624 Jefferson St, Kerrville (5.1 miles)
(830) 792-6557

Hill Country Dental Associates
710 Hill Country Dr #1, Kerrville (4.8 miles)
(830) 257-3000

Texas State Optical
500 Juntion Hwy, Kerrville (3.3 miles)
(830) 257-6336

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I use Club Yogi Rewards?

All the information you need on Club Yogi™ Rewards points can be viewed on our Club Yogi™ Rewards page.

How do I add an add-on to my reservation?

Great question! You can add a golf cart, cabana, any of our other add-ons to your reservation by calling us or by adding one to your reservation while booking online!

Are there any job opportunities available?

Yes! We are always looking for more motivated people to join our team. View our Job Opportunities page.

Where are the other Jellystone Park™ locations?

With over 75 locations in the US and Canada, there is sure to be a Jellystone™ Park close to you. Find the Camp-Resort nearest to you.

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